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"Our customers in the automotive market have been in search of methods for front loading of software defect discovery. The combination of MULTI Integrated Development Environment and Synopsys Virtual Development Kit is enabling a unique solution to address these functional safety challenges. "

- Keisuke Shimizu, Director of Sales, ADaC 

Product Description

The MULTI Integrated Development Environment
MULTI is a complete integrated development environment for embedded applications using C, C++, Embedded C++, and FORTRAN. Green Hills also offers AdaMULTI for applications using Ada 95. MULTI runs on Windows, Linux or UNIX hosts and supports remote debugging to a variety of target environments. MULTI provides a direct graphical interface with all Green Hills compilers, and supports multi-language development and debugging. MULTI contains all of the tools needed to complete a major programming project

  • Project Builder
  • Source Level Debugger
  • EventAnalyzer
  • Performance Profiler
  • Run-time Error Checking
  • Graphical Browser
  • Text Editor
  • Version Control System

Taken separately, each component of MULTI is one of the most advanced tools of its class. But MULTI is much more than a useful collection of software tools; it is a truly integrated development environment. MULTI's components are aware of each other and communicate among themselves in new and very useful ways, making the whole much greater than the sum

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Interoperability Description and Customer Benefit

The MULTI IDE (Integrated Development Environment) can be connected to the Synopsys Virtual Development Kit.

MULTI Source Code debugger is fully synchronized with the Synopsys Virtual Development Kit tools.

User is able to load, debug and test his embedded software build within MULTI IDE by executing it on the processor models within the Synopsys Virtual Development Kit.

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