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The cloud encompasses an almost overwhelming collection of moving parts and discrete elements. When leveraging cloud capabilities, companies must ensure that all components work together as intended. Various cloud-based monitoring tools can help organizations achieve this goal and respond to the needs of their users. 

When working with customers, organizations must continuously monitor architectural elements that can contribute to its success—from low-level performance metrics to high-priority sub-systems. Cloud monitoring tools assist with this process and enable companies to manage and assess cloud infrastructure performance to ensure they receive all of the available benefits of the cloud. 

What Is Cloud-based Monitoring?

Cloud based monitoring denotes a series of tools and methods that help users observe and manage their cloud-based infrastructure. These tools collect organizational infrastructure data, analyze it, and present results in a human-readable format for review. Both manual and automated techniques help ensure the availability of servers, websites, and high-priority infrastructure services. By continuously evaluating the resources and response times, organizations can maintain more secure infrastructures capable of handling issues as they emerge.


Cloud Monitoring Types:

Cloud monitoring tools can be grouped according to several categories.

  • Virtual machine monitoring applications simulate a computer within a computer. Virtual machines generally are scaled out in IaaS as a virtual server with multiple virtual desktops. These applications can track users, traffic, and machine status while conducting traditional IT infrastructure monitoring with cloud monitoring solutions. 
  • Database monitoring reviews processes, queries, availability, and consumption of database resources. Additionally, database monitoring enables organizations to track data integrity and monitor connections for real-time use while reviewing access requests for security purposes. If instability or a breach is detected, the monitoring application can alert the appropriate users.
  • Website monitoring tools track site traffic as well as resource utilization of cloud-hosted sites. 
  • Cloud storage monitoring enables analytics tracking by monitoring processes on virtual machines, services, databases, and applications. These monitoring applications can be configured to track metrics, processes, users, databases, and storage. With the help of cloud storage monitoring, organizations are better prepared to fix bugs and implement additional features.
  • Virtual networking monitoring creates software versions of network technologies, such as firewalls, load balancers, and routers. These tools continually analyze and collect operational data. For example, if a virtual router has too much traffic the network can adjust to compensate. Rather than switching hardware, virtualization infrastructure can adjust to optimize data flow.

Our Selection of the Top Cloud-based Monitoring Tools

There are a variety of cloud based monitoring tools on the market. Here, we’ve curated a list of the top tools.

  • Sematext Enterprise offers a full-stack cloud monitoring solution with a simple setup and in-depth visibility into infrastructure. It features auto-discovery of services through its UI and provides a variety of auto-monitoring features. Dashboard capabilities, network, database, and inventory monitoring are all included. 
  • AppDynamics is available both as a SaaS and an on-premises model that allows performance evaluation across the stack that runs services. It focuses on larger enterprises, offering performance and business-level metrics. This monitoring tool also provides insights on top-level transactions for executives and code-level information for developers.
  • Datadog provides a SaaS monitoring solution with features for monitoring cloud infrastructure, applications, containers, networks, and more. It is highly flexible but requires Agent installation, which may be time-consuming.
  • New Relic is another cloud monitoring solution available as a SaaS model. Its capabilities include mobile, web, and server-based application performance monitoring. With dashboard and distributed trace support, in addition to user and synthetics monitoring for top-to-bottom visibility, New Relic offers a robust and reliable feature set with support for several programming languages. 
  • Sumo Logic provides cloud monitoring software highly focused on working with logs. In addition to allowing users to view and analyze logs, Sumo Logic also enables period comparisons that may reveal interesting discrepancies. 
  • Site 24×7 cloud monitoring service provides all the necessary tools for full visibility of website health, infrastructure, network gear, and application performance for both logs and networks. Users can set up rule-based alerts and gain insights into mobile applications. Users can also monitor servers and over 50 technologies commonly used inside cloud-based environments.

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