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FPGA Design Solution for High-Reliability Applications

FPGA designers creating applications that involve high radiation environments, human safety and that require high up-times, such as those in industrial, medical, automotive, communications, military, and aerospace segments, have special requirements for reliable design operation. These types of designs demand methodologies to implement designs that exhibit high levels of operational reliability without compromising performance. Applying its deep knowledge of FPGA design tools, Synopsys delivers high-quality, high-performance, and technologyindependent solutions that address the demanding requirements of high-reliability applications. Synopsys' tools automate several proven methods for mitigating soft errors such as single-event upsets (SEUs) that are increasingly present in the latest FPGA process geometries. It used to be that radiation-induced soft errors were only a concern at high altitudes, and in mil/aero applications, but they have now become a concern for groundlevel applications as well.

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