SPIE Advanced Lithography Papers 2009

February 2009

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EUV geometry implications on CD variations across the ring slit

Requirements and results for a full-field EUV OPC flow

Analysis of EUVL mask effects under partially coherent illumination

Implementation of multiple ROI with single FOV for advanced mask metrology

Calibration of physical resist models: methods, usability, and predictive power

Split, overlap/stitching and process design for double patterning considering local reflectivity variation by using rigorous 3D wafer-topography/lithography simulation

Analysis of topography effects on lithographic performance in double-patterning applications

Integrating assist feature printing with OPC

Double-patterning friendly OPC

Resist development modeling for OPC accuracy improvements

Abbe-PCA: microlithography aerial image analytical compact kernel generation based on principle component analysis

Efficient hardware usage in the mask tapeout flow

Chemically amplified resist modeling in OPC

High-speed microlithography aerial image contour generation without images

Systematic study of the impact of curved active and poly contours on transistor performance

Lithography aware characterization of a 40-nm logic cell library

Process variation aware OPC modeling for leading edge technology nodes

Large-scale double-patterning compliant layouts for DP engine and design rule development