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Efficient Design and Verification of Digital Communication Systems

Physical layer design tool considerations, featuring LTE and WiMAX requirements
LTE and WiMAX are key contenders for next generation mobile phone system. Both standards are excellent examples to highlight the huge complexity involved in modern communication algorithms. This increasing complexity is the trigger for new design methodologies and tools.

When selecting a tool and methodology for efficient algorithm design, the entire flow must be considered, keeping the algorithm's complexity in mind. A suitable solution for small designs may be completely inadequate for designs of larger complexity. A tool or methodology employed for ad-hoc experiments can become a maintenance nightmare when a large team consisting of algorithm, hardware, and software developers works on the project. A seemingly low cost solution can quickly become very expensive, as add-on tools need to be purchased and as a considerable amount of internal engineering effort is spent to compensate for the lack of a robust tool infrastructure and flow integration. And finally, high simulation performance is required for certifying standard conformance of a LTE / WiMAX design.

This FREE white paper provides a detailed analysis on the elements that determine algorithm design and verification efficiency for LTE and WiMAX communications systems. The concept of efficiency is discussed for modeling, simulation, reuse, and verification. Different methodologies and simulation solutions are compared, providing decision making criteria that can be applied to your specific project requirements.

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