Synopsys Journal - Issue 2, 2010

Embedded software and virtual prototyping

In this issue, we delve into the subject of embedded software and why system-level design and verification solutions are is becoming more popular with developers. And why virtual models are finding favor with the hardware verification teams, and not just for prototyping. Phillippe Magarshack, Group VP and GM, Central CAD and Design Solutions from STMicroelectronics, explains why his organization benefits from using virtual models beyond the prototyping stage. Chris Rommel, Analyst with VDC Research Group, sees prospects for good market growth, providing that the industry addresses the diverse needs of the software community. And Joachim Kunkel, Sr. VP and GM, also agrees that the system tools market is poised for growth, and explains how Synopsys is readying itself for the broader adoption of virtual systems.

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