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Required Which HSPICE-related Synopsys tools do you expect will become part of the interoperability flow?
Please include reasons why access to the tool is required.

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For each of your company's tools, please provide estimated time needed to complete interface with HSPICE-related tools from Synopsys.

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The in-Sync team may contact these customers to ensure the need for the proposed joint solution. Please verify customer willingness to provide feedback when contacted by in-Sync before you volunteer them.

For each customer, include a company name, a contact person, title, division, address, phone, fax, and email address. This information is confidential to the in-Sync program and its Executive Board, and will be used solely for the purpose of verifying and justifying customer demand for the proposed joint flow(s) (please see in-Sync Program Overview)

If you are not comfortable providing this information here, you can email it to insync@synopsys.com or fax to (650) 584-4102.

"Synopsys reserves the right to refuse in-Sync membership to any applicant."

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