ARM TechCon 2013

Energy Efficient Implementation of ARM® Cortex™-A57/-A53 Processor Cores in FD-SOI Process Technology

In this session STMicroelectronics shares its approach to delivering optimized energy efficient solutions for the SoC market. Starting with an overview of the Fully Depleted Silicon On Insulator (FD-SOI) process technology as an enabler for high performance / low power design, the session will focus on ST's low power architecture for the latest ARM® processors - Cortex®-A57 and -A53. Highlights from the low power implementation and verification methodology developed with Synopsys, including results and best practices, will also be presented. The session will conclude with a preview of ST's process technology and ARM-core based SoC product roadmap.

David Jacquet
Senior Principal Engineer
Design & Architecture for Energy Efficiency
CPU & GPU subsystems Technology R&D

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