ARC Processor Summit Proceedings

Video - Designing Speech Solutions for Ultra-Low Power Devices

Wearable devices, IoT devices, industrial and home automation devices and smart appliances represent a growing segment of multi-function "smart" devices. Many of these devices lack the touch screens, graphical displays, or keypads required to select and control the device's functions. Such devices are well suited to using speech as an alternate input method, but have constraints: very limited CPU and memory capacity in which to execute a speech interface, very limited battery capacity which limits their bandwidth or connectivity to access cloud-based speech solutions, and very constrained industrial designs limiting antenna design, microphone placement, interface ports or mounting configurations. Yet in order to achieve market acceptance, speech interfaces for these devices will still be expected to function robustly in a variety of challenging environmental and noise conditions. This presentation will address some of these challenges, discuss potential solutions, and identify market opportunities for speech interaction with low-power devices using Synopsys' ARC EM processor cores.
Dean Neumann, CEO, Malaspina Labs

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