ARC Processor Summit Proceedings

Enabling Ultra-High Performance, Low-Power 5G Modem Designs with Heterogeneous Multicore Systems

The 5G standard pushes the requirements on wireless communications equipment for greater than 1Gbps data rates as well as reducing system latency, allowing an expansion of 5G use cases to automotive and other timing-critical applications. SoC modem developers for 4G systems previously met performance requirements with heterogeneous systems, using multiple task-specific processor cores. 5G modem SoCs for user equipment (mobile devices) will need to take the heterogeneous implementation further to provide greater performance for higher data rates, larger MIMO configurations and lower latency, while maintaining similar power budgets to 4G modems. This session will go through the range of digital signal processors, controller cores and task-specific cores that will allow 5G modem SoC developers to implement the required amount of programmability/flexibility in their design, while achieving the performance and low power requirements.
Pieter van der Wolf, Principal Product Architect, Synopsys

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