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Video - Keynote: Life on the "Edge"

Today, an increasing number of objects are being connected to the internet at an unprecedented rate. As a result, customers are collecting vast amounts of valuable IoT data that was previously unavailable. We are already seeing the benefits of applying machine learning models to process data at the source where it is being generated- farmers predict crop yield, power companies predict energy demand, vehicles can identify distracted drivers, and doctors deliver improved care with real-time insight from medical devices... the possibilities for applying intelligence at the edge are countless. However, processing and analyzing this vast amount of IoT data is not possible with the help of traditional business intelligence tools. In this session, we will showcase how customers can use AWS's IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning services to gain predictive insights and take intelligent, real-time actions on their IoT data, from the cloud to the edge.
Satyen Yadav, General Manager, IoT Ecosystem Development, Amazon Web Services

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