ARC Processor Summit Proceedings

Video - Optimized Linux for ARC HS38 Multicore Processors

The ARC HS38 processor is based on the highly-efficient ARCv2 instruction set architecture (ISA) and pipeline that delivers the high degree of power-performance efficiency and code density required of embedded applications running Linux. The processor has a full-featured Memory Management Unit (MMU) supporting a 40-bit physical address space and page sizes up to 16 megabytes (MBs), giving designers the ability to directly address a terabyte of memory with faster data access and higher system performance. This session will provide insights on how the advanced hardware features of the HS Processor are exploited in the GNU toolchain and Linux kernel to maximize Linux application performance and efficiency in both single core and multi-core (SMP) configurations.
Vineet Gupta, Software Engineer, Synopsys

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