ARC Processor Summit Proceedings

Extending Control and DSP Performance for Automotive RADAR Applications

This session will cover object detection and classification techniques using the 77GHz radar signal source for automotive advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) applications. An overview of the radar technology used in ADAS applications, including review of the relevant signal processing, typical requirements and design parameters will be given, and some of the design considerations and trade-offs of implementing the RADAR system will be discussed. We will close with and an example of an efficient radar signal processing chain (3D, FFT, CFAR, clustering and tracking) algorithm implemented on the ARC HS47D processor, where processing on the ARC DSP core is the forming a data cube (3D FFT) to find range, relative velocity, and direction of arrival (DoA) of objects. In this example, front-end FFT processing is implemented on dedicated hardware blocks, performing 3 stage FFT computation.
Graham Wilson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, ARC Processors, Synopsys

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