ARC Processor Summit Proceedings

The Marriage of AI and Safety in Automotive SoCs

As the automotive industry looks beyond Level 2 (Driver Assist) designs, the race is on to deliver high-performance safety-critical autonomous vehicle components powered by the latest AI technology. AI techniques can provide increased accuracy for object and pedestrian detection, but these designs must still meet the ISO 26262 standard's most stringent level of functional safety and fault coverage. In this presentation, we analyze an autonomous driving use-case emphasizing the need for the inseparable union of AI and safety. We will discuss how Synopsys achieves this marriage without significant impact on performance, power, or area compared to non-ASIL Ready processors. From an understanding of this use-case and requirements, we present an embedded SoC solution providing the highest level of safety without compromising AI performance.

From architecture through to tape-out, we provide an overview of the design, verification, and safety methodologies required for SoC safety certification.
Fergus Casey, Director, R&D, ARC Processors, Synopsys

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