No More Excuses: Secure Your SoC from IP Building Blocks to End-to-End Systems

Despite the cybersecurity media hype, security is still an afterthought in many designs. Instead of proactive, differentiating, future-proof security designs, security is generally considered a nuisance forced by regulations or an ad-hoc solution triggered by security breaches. Lack of knowledge, additional cost, and complexity are the typical excuses used. The resulting vulnerabilities range from simple software misconfiguration to more complex vulnerabilities such as side-channel leakage. To address these security challenges Synopsys offers a scalable range of security IP building blocks that offer the combined efficiency and security required for IoT applications. This presentation will describe how Synopsys reduces complexity and mitigates knowledge roadblocks by pre-integrating hardware and software IP into a Secure Subsystem that seamlessly fits into already standardized end-to-end security solutions like embedded SIM.
Fergus Casey, R&D Director, Synopsys


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