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10 reasons why your SMB needs software security

Ever wonder how security affects organizations of different sizes?

Start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), all the way up to multi-national enterprises should take software security very seriously. If there’s tempting data to be stolen, your firm is at risk.

Maybe you’ve secured the software your firm develops in-house, but what about the third-party vendors you’re working with? How do you know if their software is secure? This is an often overlooked aspect of an organization’s attack surface. Remember, you never hear about the organizations that don’t get hacked, only the ones that do. For the firms that do suffer an attack, their reputation and revenue will be greatly stifled. Instead of focusing efforts on innovation and growth, they’ll have to re-focus efforts on cleaning up the mess of a security breach—the effects of which could last for years.

Don’t be intimidated by security. Be intimidated by a lack of security.

If you’re already coding and procuring software, then you can code and procure that software securely. Finding and resolving issues early within the development cycle reduce stress and cost later in the process. There are also great benefits of implementing a solid security initiative early in an organization’s life.  This will not only keep your customers, partners, and compliance auditors happy, it will also position your firm to grow securely.

It really is possible to build better software. So educate yourself on what’s real and debunk all the security myths you thought were best practices. No matter your situation, there’s a solution for you.  Here are 10 reasons why your SMB needs software security:

Why Your SMB Needs Software Security


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