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Why managed application security services?

Firms often debate on whether it’s better to do dynamic testing in-house or to outsource the work. Only you can decide what’s best for your organization, but we’ve listed four benefits to working with a managed services partner like Synopsys before you consider before making your decision.

  1. On-demand testing. The Synopsys portal empowers on-demand testing providing organizations visibility and control. It is easy to schedule tests and change existing schedules to address changing business requirements, adapt to agile development cycles, and respond to evolving threats. Finally, our portal allows you to easily access results, associated remediation guidance, and aggregate data about broader testing activity.
  2. Elastic capacity. Organizations that do their own testing are immediately constrained by the linear capacity inherent with in-house resources. However, Synopsys has the capacity to handle highly-variable (non-linear) demands. If your organization does most of its testing in April and October, you can mitigate capacity issues by using managed services. Similarly, agile development cycles fluctuate in length, resulting in “lumpy” demand for testing. A managed service gives you access to elastic capacity for high demand periods. It also means you don’t have to pay for idle employees during low demand periods.
  3. Higher fidelity. Practice makes proficient. We’ve run thousands of tests and have assimilated the experience and expertise gained from these tests into our managed services. Our clients tell us that they get testing of much higher fidelity from Synopsys—even when they use the same set of testing tools we employ.
  4. Access to security experts. Synopsys’ experts have unmatched experience in application security in general and testing specifically. Every test we execute is reviewed by a security expert that analyzes the results, reduces any false positives, and provides remediation guidance. In all but our most basic automated scan, a security expert will call your team to review the test and discuss the remediation guidance to help them fix what we find. Synopsys believes that it is our security experts—our people—that differentiates us from other offerings.

For these reasons and more, using a managed service for application security testing simply makes sense.

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