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Employees post passwords online, Hacking tool grants access to DVRs, and Blockchain

Taylor Armerding, Synopsys Software Integrity Group senior strategist, gives you the scoop on application security and insecurity in this week’s Weekly Security Mashup episode.

When employees post passwords online

via Brian Krebs, security blogger – – Hosts of companies using the online collaboration tool share passwords for sensitive internal resources.

New hacking tool lets users access tens of thousands of DVRs and their video feeds

via Catalin Cimpanu, security editor – Bleeping Computer – Argentinian researcher, Ezequiel Fernandez, has published a powerful tool that can easily extract plaintext credentials for nearly a dozen DVR brands.

RSA yet to be sold on magic pixie dust qualities of blockchain

via Chris Duckett, editor, ZDNet – Just because you can solve your problems with a blockchain, doesn’t mean you should, according to RSA CTO Zulfikar Ramzan

The enterprise shows little interest in blockchain technology: Gartner

via Charlie Osborne, contributor, ZDNet – Gartner says that the majority of enterprise player s have no intention to develop or use distributed ledger technologies.

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