[Webinars] Software security metrics and open source security

Learn how to drive your software security initiative with metrics, and get practical advice for open source security with Red Hat, in our new webinars.

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Using Metrics to Drive Your Software Security Initiative

Intuition can take you quite far at the beginning of your application security journey. But even the most experienced leaders will eventually need data to guide them through a decision or justify their investments. Well-designed software security metrics provide that compass.

Learn how to grow your initiative in our software security metrics webinar

This software security metrics webinar will arm software security group leadership with the knowledge necessary to design key metrics that drive thoughtful investment and enhancement of their software security initiative (SSI).

We’ll pay special attention to must-have application security metrics, common missteps, and executive visibility across the Software Security Development Lifecycle (SSDL) and SSI.

What: Using Metrics to Drive Your Software Security Initiative

Who: Kevin Nassery, senior principal consultant, Synopsys

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The State of Open Source and Security: What It Means for You

Development organizations view open source software as not just important but also strategic. At the same time, changing development practices and escalating threats mean that security remains a concern with respect to open source software, as it is for IT more broadly.

Get practical advice in our open source security webinar

The strategic use of open source is just one of the topics we’ll investigate in this joint webinar from Red Hat and Synopsys. Drawing from Red Hat’s The State of Enterprise Open Source, technology evangelist Gordon Haff will explain why IT decision makers value open source so highly. Dave Meurer of the Synopsys Software Integrity Group will explain findings from the Synopsys 2019 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis to offer an in-depth look at the state of open source security, compliance, and code quality risk in commercial software.

We’ll close with some practical advice about getting the most value from open source software while keeping your organization safe.

What: The State of Open Source and Security: What It Means for You

Who: Dave Meurer, alliance technical manager, Synopsys; Gordon Haff, technical evangelist, Red Hat

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