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[Webinars] Secure your CI/CD pipelines with IAST and Synopsys Detect

Learn how interactive application security testing (IAST) fits into any CI/CD pipeline and how to secure your Azure CI/CD Pipelines with Synopsys Detect.

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Bridging the Security Testing Gap in Your CI/CD Pipeline

Are you struggling with application security testing? Do you wish it were easier, faster, and better? Join us for a webinar on to learn more about IAST, a next-generation application security tool that provides highly accurate, real-time vulnerability results without the need for application or source code scans. Learn how this nondisruptive tool can:

  • Run in the background and report vulnerabilities during functional testing, CI/CD, and QA activities
  • Auto verify, prioritize and triage vulnerability findings in real time with 100% confidence
  • Fully automate secure app delivery and deployment, without the need for extra security scans or processes
  • Free up DevOps resources to focus on strategic or mission-critical tasks and contributions

What: Bridging the Security Testing Gap in Your CI/CD Pipeline

When: Available on demand

Who: Asma Zubair, senior product manager, Synopsys; Kimm Yeo, product marketing manager, Synopsys

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Automating Pipeline Security Checks With Synopsys and Azure DevOps

Microsoft Azure DevOps is a collection of modern dev services designed to help development teams plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship faster. Azure CI/CD Pipelines, where applications are built, tested, and deployed, benefit from additional functionality provided by third-party extensions. Synopsys Detect, an extension for Azure DevOps, simplifies the addition of static code analysis and open source composition analysis to your pipelines. Tune in to learn how to plug Synopsys into your Azure Pipelines to fix potential leaks before they burst.

In this webinar, Synopsys and Microsoft will explain how to:

  • Add static code analysis to your build pipelines with Coverity on Polaris
  • Integrate Black Duck open source compliance and security checks into your delivery pipelines
  • Perform Seeker interactive testing on apps deployed to Azure App Service

What: Automating Pipeline Security Checks With Synopsys and Azure DevOps

When: Available on demand

Who: Sasha Rosenbaum, sr. program manager, Microsoft; Tomas Gonzalez, alliance technical engineer, Synopsys

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