[Webinars] How to risk rank vulnerabilities, insights from BSIMM10

Learn about five ways to approach risk ranking in vulnerability management, and hear key insights into real-life software security programs from BSIMM10.

Risk ranking vulnerabilities webinar

5 Ways to Risk Ranking Your Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities are an inevitable part of software development and management. Whether they’re in open source or custom code, new vulnerabilities will be discovered as a codebase ages. As stated in the 2019 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis report, 60% of the codebases audited in 2018 contained at least one known vulnerability. As the number of disclosures, patches, and updates grows, security professionals must decide which critical items to address immediately and which items to defer.

Register for this webinar to learn best practices in vulnerability management. You’ll learn:

  • Methods for determining which applications are most attractive to attackers and which pose the greatest risk
  • Ways to assess the risk associated with a disclosed open source vulnerability
  • Strategies to minimize the impact of open source security vulnerabilities when you can’t fix them immediately

What: 5 Ways to Risk Ranking Your Vulnerabilities

When: Available on demand

Who: Nivedita Murthy, security consultant, Synopsys

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BSIMM10 webinar

BSIMM10: A Decade of Software Security Science

The Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM) is a data-driven model developed through the analysis of software security initiatives (SSIs), also known as application/product security programs. Register for this webinar to learn what 122 organizations in eight industry verticals are doing to improve their software security efforts. We’ll discuss:

  • How organizations are building their software security initiatives
  • How DevOps is affecting the way organizations perform software security
  • How emerging engineering-driven security cultures are changing approaches to software security

What: BSIMM10: A Decade of Software Security Science

When: Available on demand

Who: Drew Kilbourne, managing director, Synopsys

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