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Webinar: Systems failure fuels security-focused design practices

Webinar: Systems failure fuels security-focused design practices

Today’s electronic systems are more intelligent, more connected, and more at risk than ever before. In fact, a single vulnerability can lead to widespread system-of-systems compromises. Organizations participating in security-critical industries like Aerospace and Defense are especially at risk.

About this webinar

Cristopher Rommel from VDC and Joe Jarzombek from Synopsys will discuss the results from a recent report highlighting issues facing these organizations. They will also identify the considerations required for the security of software that enables and controls system functionality.

Join us for a live webinar on August 2, 2017 at 12:00pm EST to explore:

  • The importance of quality and security in current projects
  • The amount of code re-use from previous projects
  • How automated quality and security testing tools can integrate into your current SDLC

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Want to learn more about the findings from this report?

The “Skyrocketing Costs of Aerospace & Defense Systems Failure Fuel Security-Focused Design Practices” report is a Synopsys study conducted by VDC Research. It was designed to understand organizations participating in safety- and/or security-critical industries such as the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) sector. Here, business interests intertwine and, in many cases, are tied to personal or national safety and security. Additionally, the growing security threat landscape of connected systems is necessitating a broad and more holistic approach to software and security management.

A&D industry participants must navigate a complicated and often cumbersome ecosystem of inter-reliant defense organizations, systems integrators, OEMs, and OCMs. With today’s proliferation of asymmetric cyberattack and exploitation, any claims of system safety or reliability must include considerations for the security of software that enables and controls system functionality.

Find out in this report how automated tools, such as those offered by Synopsys, can help engineering organizations take proactive steps to improve system security and reduce risk.

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