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Is it time for Enterprise IT to declare defeat in the cyber security war?

Is it time for security professionals to admit defeat? The old paradigm of computer security–protecting broken software from attackers with firewalls–isn’t working. Building security in is the way to go, and leading organizations in verticals like Financial Services or ISVs have demonstrated that this is a successful and effective approach to get in front of the security problem.

  1. How can business leaders guarantee that they won’t be the next headline security breach?
  2. How should companies even start to address software security?
  3. What are the top three activities enterprises need to carry out?
  4. How important is it for organizations to share intelligence on adversaries, attacks, vendors, and strategies for mitigating security risk?

Watch the HP Discover Performance Weekly video featuring Dr. Gary McGraw (starting at minute 12:45) to find out.


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