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Three new books

There are three new books (recently released) that are worth a look. Once is an absolute necessity for any security practitioner. The others may be interesting for some readers of the blog.

The book that you MUST READ RIGHT NOW is the second edition of Ross Anderson’s Security Engineering book. Ross did a complete pass on his classic tome and somehow made it even better. It also comes in handy as a weapon as it is so heavy. Books like Ross’s are a refreshing reality check from the usual pablum published in computer security.

Simply put, this is a must read book for every security professional. I don’t have my real copy yet from the publisher (but they say one is on the way), but I did take a close look through the manuscript. Ross retains his number one slot on my list of top 5 things every software security person should read.

Incidentally, I interviewed Ross for Silver Bullet last year (in April). Ross’s episode is the most popular of all 24 episodes released to date with over 18,000 downloads. You might want to give that a listen as well.

The other two books that are worth a look are Crimeware and The New School of Information Security. Lets cover them in reverse.

The New School of Information Security is a book worth buying for the cover alone. I know of no other computer security book with a Kandinski on the front. Even though I know Adam Shostack from way back (and never could have predicted that he would become a Microsoft guy), I saw his book at RSA, bought it for the cover, and only then discovered that he was the author! My plan was to give the book to a good friend who I know is a huge Kandinski fan. On the way to complete that errand, I had a chance to look though the book and now I need a copy of my own! If you’re a follower of the economics of security school (which Ross and Bruce Schneier have helped spearhead), you’ll like this book.

Crimeware is an academic tome written by my friend Markus Jakobsson. I contributed a chapter on software security bug taxonomy. My copy showed up last night, and I have earmarked more time to read it thoroughly. The enemy has changed over the last decade, and criminals are bringing the game to a new level.

Spring may not be the best reading time, but it does appear to be the best time for a crop of interesting new security books!


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