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Introducing the Synopsys Software Integrity Community

The Synopsys Software Integrity Community is an information security forum where developers can help one another and connect with Synopsys support.

Introducing the Synopsys Software Integrity Community, a new information security forum

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Synopsys Software Integrity Community.

At Synopsys, we’ve put in a lot of time and energy to ensure our users have easy ways to effectively use their developer tools and reach their full potential. We also understand the impact the software they’re creating has on the world around us and how important it is to ensure the software’s integrity.

The Synopsys Software Integrity Community is an information security forum for users, experts, and Synopsys employees. Our aim is to create a community where developers can come together to help each other and connect with the folks behind the Synopsys tools they use daily. We want to make sure you have all the tools, resources, and support at your fingertips to continue innovating and changing the world.

What are the goals of the community?

Here are our goals as we move forward with the Synopsys Software Integrity Community:

  1. Empower Synopsys users and security aficionados as they come together and share their expertise. Become the thought leader in your own community as you share your wisdom and experience with others. We’re looking for individuals with deep technical knowledge that want to make the world of software safer.
  2. Help create a user-curated library of Synopsys resources, guides, and helpful tips. We’re building out an extensive source of Synopsys guides, tips, and how-tos to make onboarding our products more straightforward. You’ll also have the ability to research Synopsys products on a deeper level and ask for advice from our current users.
  3. Connect with Synopsys thought leaders and provide feedback about products. Our forums will be filled with Synopsys support engineers, product managers, solution managers, as well as veteran customers who know our offerings from the inside out.

Resources to help you get started

First off, we’d love to hear from you. Do you have thoughts on how we can make things better? What else would you like to see? Send an email to to speak with me one-on-one.

Synopsys Software Integrity Community homepage

The Synopsys Software Integrity Community homepage will be your main entry point into the community. Here, you can find trending discussions and easy tabs to our most popular products.

Community guidelines and FAQ

Before you jump into the discussions, we recommend that you review our community guidelines and FAQ page to learn more about how the community is structured and proper forum etiquette. Our goal is to make the forum open and accessible to everybody. Thus, we want to ensure everybody abides by the same guidelines.

Discussions by product

We’ve split the community into distinct collections of products. Collections contain discussions, questions, and articles aligned to products or areas of interest. From the home screen, you can select which collection you’d like to view by clicking on the products listed under “Topics.”

Feedback and bug reporting link

Do you wish to give feedback about the community or report a community bug you’ve encountered? Fill out the form to provide feedback and bug reports anonymously. You have the option to leave your contact information if you wish to discussion matters further.

The Synopsys Software Integrity Community is not an official support channel. While Synopsys employees will participate, they are not always the primary responders. They will help provide an answer to a question only if the community cannot provide an answer within a certain timeframe after the question is posted. For official support, please contact Synopsys Support.

Who is driving the community?

My name is Nicole Banks and I’m the Community Manager at Synopsys. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to reach out at Your feedback is of the utmost importance.

So please jump in and help us shape this community. We’ve got a lot of exciting plans for the community in the future and we’d love to build it with you.

See you on the boards!

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Nicole Banks

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