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Join Synopsys at codenomi-con and Black Hat USA 2018

Join Synopsys at codenomi-con and Black Hat USA 2018

Black Hat USA is returning to Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada, this August, beginning with four days of technical trainings, followed by the two-day main conference Aug. 8–9.

For 21 years Black Hat USA has been an important information security event, so of course we’ll be there—don’t miss us in Booth 128. Plus our director of solutions management, Ofer Maor, will present a session on how modern AppSec addresses the challenges of modern application development by integrating IAST into the CI/CD pipeline on Thursday, Aug. 9, at 1:20–2:10 p.m. in Oceanside G.

And now through July 18, you can enter to win a free briefings pass to Black Hat USA. The pass gets you into the conference briefings sessions, keynote talks, Business Hall, and more. We’ll announce the winner on or after July 19—enter now and stay tuned.

The countdown to codenomi-con USA 2018 is on

When you’re at Black Hat, make sure to join the Synopsys team at codenomi-con. We’re hosting our exclusive cyber security event at Skyfall Lounge on the 64th floor of the Delano Hotel in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Aug. 7. Enjoy an evening with security experts and analysts, networking with peers in the security community, and entertainment, all with a spectacular view of the Las Vegas Strip.

In addition to networking and entertainment, our evening program will include presentations on DevSecOpsIoT, and building security into your SDLC.

Cyrus Farivar at codenomi-con USA 2018

codenomi-con keynote with Cyrus Farivar

You are being watched. Whether through your phone or your car or your credit card, CCTV cameras, or your online viewing history, government agencies know where you are and are quietly collecting your most intimate, mundane, and personal information. Is this even legal?

In our codenomi-con keynote, author Cyrus Farivar will introduce his most recent book, “Habeas Data,” which shows how the explosive growth of surveillance technology has outpaced our understanding of the ethics, mores, and laws of privacy.

Cyrus Farivar
Technology journalist, radio producer, and author
Ars Technica

Analyst insights from Amy DeMartine

Amy DeMartine at codenomi-con USA 2018

Another of our codenomi-con presenters, Amy DeMartine from Forrester Research, will address how the application development process is changing as organizations adopt DevOps to meet the demand for rapid deployment of applications today. She’ll also discuss how interactive application security tools (IAST) fit into this process and their role in the future.

Amy DeMartine
Principal application security analyst
Forrester Research

We’ll cap off the evening with a panel of superstars from the security community.

Keep up-to-date with our agenda for codenomi-con USA 2018. If you have any questions before the event, just ask! Email us at We’ll see you in August at the Skyfall Lounge.


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