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Synopsys at Black Hat Asia 2016

This year’s Black Hat Asia will be held March 29-April 1 at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. The event will include two days of training followed by two days of briefings. In the Business Hall, Synopsys will be at booth B07.

The keynote will be given by respected researcher Dino Dai Zovi. He’ll be talking about ways to devalue attacks on the Internet of Things. “This strategy is already in use in many forms around us and we will point out where it is being employed successfully,” he notes in the abstract. “Does it work? We will examine the phases of an intrusion common to both financially-motivated and state-sponsored attackers in order to show how defenses based on lowering the value versus raising the cost affect both the attacker and defender. Finally, we will explore what this strategy means for the security threats against the next billion devices.”

Briefing talks will focus on hacking firmware, drones, and mobile devices.


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