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Synopsys earns top recognition at 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Synopsys has struck gold in not one but THREE categories at the 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

cybersecurity excellence award | Synopsys

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in information security. We are thrilled to have been awarded the top recognition in these categories.

GOLD WINNER: Synopsys Seeker IAST

Category: API Security, North America (10,000 or more employees)

Synopsys Seeker® interactive application security testing (IAST) discovers and catalogs API endpoints and extensively tests web services and APIs at runtime to detect OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities during functional testing.

Seeker provides continuous runtime testing, including a detailed visual dataflow map that is helpful in taint analysis of microservice-based applications. It also generates automatic test traffic for OpenAPI- and GraphQL-based APIs. Seeker offers seamless integration with DevOps toolchains, continuous testing with automatic verification and prioritization of critical findings, and real-time reporting with line-of-code insights.

GOLD WINNER: Synopsys Polaris Software Integrity Platform

Category: Application Security, North America (10,000 or more employees)

The Polaris Software Integrity Platform® is an integrated, multitenant, cloud-based application security testing solution that is purpose-built for the needs of application security, development, and DevSecOps teams.

Polaris combines best-of-breed scanning technologies with security expertise to deliver the most advanced and comprehensive application security solution on the market. Polaris is the only platform with industry-leading solutions for the “essential three” of static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), and software composition analysis (SCA). Polaris gives organizations the flexibility to choose the specific application security testing services they need—by application, team, or the entire organization—with the benefits of a unified cloud-based platform, so teams can access those services whenever and wherever they’re needed.

GOLD WINNER: Synopsys Black Duck SCA

Category: Software Composition Analysis, North America (10,000 or more employees)

Black Duck® helps teams manage the security, quality, and license compliance risks associated with open source software (OSS) and third-party code in applications and containers. With Black Duck, teams can

  • Scan apps that you build and procure to identify OSS and third-party components, regardless of access to source code or build systems
  • Analyze containers, binaries, firmware, executables, or other built software, for all software languages and ecosystems, to identify OSS components and sensitive information and secrets
  • View the list of components identified, and export the resulting software Bill of Materials in SPDX and CycloneDX formats
  • Access enhanced vulnerability information, including severity scoring, exploit details, remediation guidance, external references, and vulnerability tags to help prioritize fixing critical vulnerabilities quickly
  • Leverage guidance on license obligations, such as actions that are required or prohibited
  • Use custom policy configuration to define OSS, license, and security policies up front, and automate enforcement across the software development life cycle by integrating into existing toolchains
  • Assess OSS component suitability, including supply chain risk factors, known security vulnerabilities, and potential malware
  • Receive component upgrade guidance to fix security vulnerabilities

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Synopsys Editorial Team

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Synopsys Editorial Team

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