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How can social media help with your software security job search?

More and more job seekers are utilizing social media. Unfortunately, there seems to be a disconnect regarding how best to use social media while on the job hunt. In order to make a true impact, and attract the attention of recruiters in top companies and niche fields such as software security, it’s important to consider a different approach. Here’s how to utilize social platforms to capture the attention of recruiters.

Show interest and initiative

I receive LinkedIn InMail messages on a daily basis that go a little something like this:

Hi Nina, do you happen to have any positions that are a fit for me? Thanks!

It’s important to understand that it’s not the recruiter’s responsibility to then assess the skills and unique talents in your LinkedIn profile, and review the corporate openings to see if there happens to be a match. This comes across as lazy and inconsiderate. What the recruiter is likely taking away from this is “I’m looking for a new job but I don’t actually want to do any work.” Additionally, this message feels very generic and is most likely sent to a slew of recruiters in multiple organizations. So, not only is the job seeker asking the recruiter to do the work for them, but they haven’t even given the impression that they are actually interested in pursuing a position at the company.

What’s a better way to approach the job search?

First and foremost, research companies that are a fit. Do your homework on the companies that interest you. Read the website, check out their career page, and apply for the job(s) which you feel you’re qualified. You know what you’re capable of, and only you know what you want out of your career.

Utilize social media

You may be thinking, “How is the application process any different than what we were doing 10 years ago?” Well, the basics haven’t changed. Recruiting teams still need your resume. They need it in the company’s applicant tracking system to ensure compliance. Once that’s in place, your ability to use social media in a smart way can indeed get you noticed.

Once you find a company and a job that has caught your eye, look for their recruiters on LinkedIn and send a friend request. You can also “follow” the company so that you can see their updates on your newsfeed.

Next, it’s time to send the recruiter a personalized InMail message. Consider a message like this:

Hi Nina,

I recently applied to the Managing Consultant opportunity in your San Francisco offices and I would like to set up a time to speak with the right recruiter about my background. After reviewing your company website and talking to my peers about Synopsys, I am confident I would be an asset to the team.

I can make myself available during lunch hours or before/after work.

Looking forward to the next steps!

This applicant is using social media to personalize the experience—connecting with those who have direct access to the hiring manager. Remember that networking is key! Staying in contact with your colleagues, attending industry events, connecting with alumni associations, and following groups and companies of interest on social media can all pay off when you’re looking for your next great opportunity.

Everyone deserves a challenging and enjoyable career and social media is a great way to help you achieve your career goals.

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Nina Avery

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Nina Avery

Nina Avery

Nina Avery is a talent acquisition manager at Synopsys. She brings a wealth of experience to the organization having hired technical talent across multiple industries for over a decade. Nina brings a passion for business, strategic process improvement, analytics, and customer service to the organization. She oversees an international team of professionals who believe in the value of software security and are committed to ensuring that Synopsys continues to hire the best in class. Nina holds a master’s degree from SUNY Stony Brook, is a mother of two, and in her spare time can be found at the gym or yoga studio.

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