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Smart home, dumb software mistake

Over the weekend, Hive, which is an automated home thermostat system run by British Gas. suffered a glitch, causing dozens of customers to boil with rage – literally.

In a statement reported by The Memo, a Hive representative said: “We are aware of a temporary glitch affecting a very small number of customers, where a certain sequence of commands in the Hive iOS app can cause the thermostat temperature to rise to 32° C [89.6° F]

“Any customers seeing this can very easily and immediately fix it by simply turning the thermostat down using the app, web dashboard or the thermostat itself.

“No-one needs to worry about their temperature being too high because the rest of the app works as normal. Meanwhile, we are working on a software update which should be available soon.”

In January, the opposite occurred with Google’s Nest thermostat. In that case, Nest turned off in the middle of night for some customers, sending home temperatures in the middle of Winter down, down, down. A software flaw apparently drained the battery of the unit. A fix included a nine-step re-boot process.

So much for home automation.


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