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Security training solutions for a multinational financial corporation

A developer’s primary purpose is to create working features within an application or piece of software. They accomplish this task by combining known processes in innovative ways. While their focus involves building a functional application, in most cases they aren’t experts when it comes to breaking it. Failing to think maliciously about ways in which their applications can be compromised can lead to devastating security breaches.

As highly desirable targets to cybercriminals, financial institutions face unique challenges when it comes to security. In an industry driven by the highly sensitive data they’re trusted to protect, and the multi-faceted attack surface they must defend, it’s critical to provide employees with development opportunities that keep data security measures airtight. However, typical training methods are no longer effective for ensuring that the workforce can adapt to the rapid shifts in technology.

This case study highlights the shortcomings of a one-size-fits-all training approach and how we worked with one firm to implement effective and modern application security training solutions.

Find out how Synopsys’ training solutions were able to:

  • Modernize the firm’s training strategy to support a culture of learning.
  • Overcome the firm’s existing eLearning and instructor-led training limitations.
  • Take training beyond the classroom with continuous, interactive, and social methods.
 Find out how one organization embraced a culture of learning hook, line, and sinker.

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