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SecureAssist helps developers build security into any software development life cycle

The issue

The primary goal of a software developer is to get through the edit, compile, debug workflow as efficiently as possible, ensuring that software is working correctly and is delivered on time. As a result, security isn’t a developer’s top priority.

While businesses don’t want to release defective or insecure software, many don’t have a solid strategy in place to approach security proactively. Therefore, many businesses take a reactive approach to security, leaving the software vulnerable to an attack.

Within the software development life cycle (SDLC), which consists of four phases: Code, Build, Test and Release, most security assessments don’t take place until the Test or Release phases, which is far too late in the development process. This causes security initiatives to backtrack, creating a complex, expensive and risky remediation process.

Resolving security defects from the early stages of the SDLC will save your business time and money.

The solution

SecureAssist is an IDE plugin that reviews code for security vulnerabilities as code is written. When a security defect is detected, SecureAssist highlights the code and provides just-in-time notifications that allow developers to remediate the issue. These notifications guide developers, encouraging compliance with the company’s security policies and the ability to leverage Synopsys’ industry-leading expertise and security frameworks.

SecureAssist will find the vast majority of the most important security vulnerabilities at a fraction of the cost of other static and dynamic security testing tools.  Eliminating most of the security defects early in the development life cycle, SecureAssist reduces the headaches and cost of testing—all without disturbing the developer workflow.

Stop waiting until the final stages of the SDLC to address security and start reducing the cost of secure software.

Give developers the tools they need to build security in from the start.

SecureAssist supported languages include Java, PHP and .NET.  IDEs supported by SecureAssist include Eclipse, MyEclipse, Spring Tool Suite, RAD and Visual Studio.


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