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[Webinar] Secure your containers with GitHub and Synopsys

In our on-demand webinar with Bryan Cross (GitHub) and Dave Meurer (Synopsys), you’ll learn how to use integrated application security tools to secure containers at every layer.

Secure containers with GitHub and Synopsys webinar | Synopsys

In an earlier webinar, Synopsys and GitHub spoke about adding “Sec” to DevOps by using solutions that don’t sacrifice speed or agility. Most of the discussion focused on software composition analysis for applications. But DevOps organizations are increasingly adopting container technologies. Do our solutions have what it takes to properly secure the code found in every layer of a container image?

Completely secure containers, from code to components

The answer is yes. With GitHub and Synopsys solutions, you can ensure the code in your containers is secure—from the code you write, to the open source you depend on, and to the operating system components that come with the container. Join Bryan Cross, senior solutions engineer at GitHub, and Dave Meurer, partner solution architect at Synopsys, for our on-demand container security webinar. Brian and Dave demonstrate solutions that can help keep your container contents secure. Some highlights:

  • The application security tool landscape, and when and where to run these tools
  • Linux component vulnerabilities vs. application component vulnerabilities
  • Demo: GitHub repo to a running container
  • Black Duck CoPilot: It’s free!

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