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[Webinar] Securing enterprise-level cloud deployments

In our on-demand webinar with Kinnaird McQuade (Synopsys), you’ll learn about essential cloud security practices and how to secure cloud deployments at the enterprise level.

Secure cloud deployments at the enterprise level webinar

The world looks different when you’re in the cloud. As you move to a cloud environment from an on-premises environment, you’ll encounter a whole new set of processes and demands. Access expands. Responsibilities change. Control shifts. The speed of provisioning resources and applications increases.

And these changes significantly affect all aspects of IT security. Security must keep up with these demands without compromising on auditability, least privilege, and secure development practices while receiving the benefits of automation. In cloud environments, security must be built in with configuration management and infrastructure as code.

How to secure cloud deployments at the enterprise level

Join Kinnaird McQuade, senior consultant with Synopsys Software Integrity Group, for an on-demand webinar on how to secure cloud deployments at the enterprise level. In this webinar, Kinnaird explains how to keep your enterprise-level cloud deployment safe and secure. He pieces together essential cloud security and software security practices while providing practical guidance (and examples) that will help your organization operate safely in this age of cloud computing. Topics include:

  • Building security in with infrastructure as code
  • Pipeline-friendly OS hardening
  • Vulnerability scanning considerations for building cloud applications
  • Migrating to the cloud with rapid deployments in mind

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