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Russian bug bounty program to target government software

In a bid to harden government software in Russia, the government is discussing a possible bug bounty program.

Deputy Communications Minister Aleksei Sokolov said the Russian government is considering what would be one of the first government-run bug bounties. The program would first apply to government-approved software and might expand beyond that.

The Russian news site Izvestia reported that software in that country is characterized by poor code quality, with the exception of the banking sector that has in recent years hardened its security.

Russian has attempted its own software initiatives before. Last month the country set about the development of a Russian mobile operating system which would rival Android. Having few bugs to none vulnerabilities would help that program succeed.

The Register reports that the US is currently sponsoring a government bug bounty through the Hack the Pentagon initiative. Some 100 bugs have been shuttered since the limited-scope program was launched in March.


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