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Think like an attacker during 2-day red team workshop

Most developers focus their day-to-day thought processes on building software rather than breaking it. Meanwhile, organizations face growing and evolving threats against their digital assets and infrastructure. That’s why it’s critically important for security operations and development teams to think defensively. Thinking of any and every possible attack is what red teaming is all about.

A red team assessment is a goal-based adversarial activity requiring a big-picture, holistic view of the organization–from the perspective of an adversary. It allows organizations to gain insight into how their security posture holds up when faced with a real threat.

The Synopsys Red Team Workshop

This workshop offers a hands-on, two-day course introducing attendees to the concepts of red teaming and how it is different than traditional vulnerability testing. During the workshop, you’ll be introduced to the physical, social, and electronic testing methods to utilize during red team engagements. You’ll walk away with guidance for your organization to create and maintain an internal red team.

What are the objectives?

Successful completion of the workshop provides attendees with:

  • An understanding of the benefits that red team assessments provide.
  • The knowledge to create internal documentation to support an internal red team assessment.
  • An understanding of social engineering concepts.
  • An understanding of physical penetration testing concepts.
  • The ability to perform hands-on network penetration testing in a controlled lab environment.

Who should attend?

The traditional classroom delivery format is relevant for both management and IS security teams, and can be delivered in one-day or two-day formats.

Are you prepared for an attack?

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