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Learn how OpenID Connect works and how to implement it securely

We’re excited to announce a new addition to our eLearning library: OpenID Connect Purpose and Security.

OpenID Connect has become an industry-leading standard for user identification. If you’ve ever logged into a service using your Google or Twitter credentials then you’ve used OpenID Connect. When implemented properly, OpenID Connect is a reliable and secure solution for user identification. When implemented improperly, it can leave a gaping hole in your infrastructure, potentially leaking credentials to unwanted parties.

This 45-minute course helps answer a variety of questions including:

  • What is OpenID Connect?
  • When should I use it?
  • How does it relate to OAuth 2.0?
  • How do I use it securely?

If you’re already using the eLearning library, you can access the OpenID Connect course here.

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