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Open source security report, Serious XSS vulnerabilities, and ICS attack vectors

Taylor Armerding, Synopsys Software Integrity Group senior strategist, gives you the scoop on application security and insecurity in this week’s Security Mashup episode.

41% of cyber-security apps contain high-risk open source vulnerabilities

via Davey Winder, author – SC Magazine –  The 2018 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis Report– the latest in a series of annual reports on the topic from Black Duck by Synopsys – analyzed more than 1,100 commercial code bases in industries ranging from automotive to healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and cyber security.

Serious XSS vulnerability discovered in Signal

via John E. Dunn, Naked Security author – Naked Security – Pushing out a patch in three hours? That’s got to be too good to be true. But, it is true. It’s just that, yeah, it’s not the whole truth.

Report: Major attack on critical infrastructure expected due to increased risk from IoT 

via Elizabeth Montalbano, author – Security Ledger – For decades we’ve been hearing about the growing threat of a major cyber attack on US critical infrastructure that could take down portions of the grid, cripple or destroy water distribution systems, shut down Wall Street, healthcare facilities, and more.



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