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Open source conferences world wide with Black Duck

Open source conferences world wide with Black Duck

One of the fun parts of my job is participating in events. I enjoy the feedback I receive from the communities I work with and I have the opportunity to speak about topics I’m passionate about. While I have the luxury of travel, that’s not the case for the majority of community members I speak with. For them, #dayjob is likely to sponsor their attendance at one or two events per year. This is why we not only attend open source conferences, but created our own.

Webinars help solve this problem, and at Black Duck I’ve delivered a few on container security. I have a Master Class (an excellent technical webinar). However, webinars can’t beat the value of a face to face conversations and access to experts. That’s where events come in. Last week Black Duck participated in events worldwide, and we’re happy to continue engaging with our open source community.


Most industry leaders have some form of user conference, and creating the first one of those events for any company is a daunting task. For Black Duck, Flight16 was our inaugural user conference.

Held over three days in the Boston Seaport, we had tracks covering security, license and compliance with deep technical content. Based on attendee feedback, the content was very well received — and I heard multiple reports that “Flight16 didn’t feel like an inaugural event.”

LinuxCon and ContainerCon Europe

While Flight16 was happening in Boston, LinuxCon and ContainerCon were under way in Berlin, Germany. These events bring together the open source leadership for Linux, containers and a variety of collaborative projects under the Linux Foundation banner. We had a presence on the show floor, and had the opportunity to present sessions on container security and software supply chain and our leadership with SPDX. Both sessions were well attended, and the conversations afterwards were very insightful.

Red Hat Forum Finland

At the same time, Black Duck was participating in Red Hat Forum Finland in Helsinki. One of the themes flowing through Red Hat Forum was the importance of security in moving container workloads into production. As the only open source risk management partner present, Black Duck staff were able to connect the dots for attendees seeking a reliable path to secure container deployments.

Scale and Execution at Open Source Conferences

Years ago I worked as part of a software consultancy, and one of the big teachings we embraced related to execution. When selecting a company to trust your future to, you want one with the capacity, expertise and track record to execute at scale. In my brief time with Black Duck, I’ve found this to be true here. With our activities last week, you can see how well the Black Duck team executes on a global stage. We delivered our first user conference, attended and presented at a major industry conference, and participated in a partner conference simultaneously with no issues. This is the type of organization you want on your side, particularly when the topic is open source security or risk management.

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