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7 undeniable truths to make better software security

Seven years of data gathered from 100+ initiatives provide a bird’s eye view of software security. You can apply lessons from the Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM) to your business regardless of your industry, your size, or the mix of your applications.

How high can you soar?

Learn the seven undeniable truths to make better software security:

  1. Gain altitude in stages
  2. Move at your own speed
  3. A pilot is essential
  4. The right crew is key
  5. Broad support eases the ride
  6. Conditions will change
  7. Chart your own course

For more information on each of the seven software security truths, reference the infographic below.

Don’t just drift in the wind

To navigate to your final destination you must know your launch point and accurately assess the conditions. BSIMM can’t guarantee a smooth ride but it can make it easier to ascend the maturity curve, even when the wind is blowing.

While these truths are universal, they scratch the surface of what BSIMM can reveal. A BSIMM Assessment compares your software security initiative against your peers, so you can identify strengths, uncover gaps, and determine strategies that fit your own organization.

What can you learn from a BSIMM assessment?


7 undeniable truths to make better software security


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