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Introducing the Black Duck Jira Cloud Integration

The Black Duck Jira Cloud integration is based on a flexible and customizable model backed by a similar exemplary Black Duck software composition product.

Introducing Black Duck Jira Cloud integration

Speaking of “agile” to anyone involved in software work, it’s easy to see. Once sparsely populated by techniques such as waterfall, Agile is firmly established in many companies as the only way for software development lifecycles to respond quickly to market needs. So it’s no surprise that Agile tool makers are more flexible and customizable than ever before.

Agile is currently having a huge impact on the world of software development, and many managers use agile tracking of task accomplishment as a key indicator of developer work performance . .. Moreover, as this approach continues to evolve, even long-established tools such as Jira Server are for teams looking for the most flexible and customizable system for maximum autonomy. It has become a nasty tool. With this in mind, Atlassian wants to focus on models that have increased team autonomy by switching to the cloud, are more flexible and customizable, and are backed by similar exemplary Black Duck products. In a natural way, it has evolved into a Black Duck Jira integration.

What is Black Duck Jira Cloud integration?

The new Black Duck Jira Cloud integration gives users great flexibility. Users can build highly customizable workflows, problem types, notification settings, and project mappings.

Black Duck Jira Cloud integration

Many Black Duck users need to customize the workflow within Jira at a much finer level, by project, by team, by department, and even by problem type, as they use Jira on a regular basis. It states that it is increasing. The main advantage of Jira Cloud integration is that users have full control over these processes, and they can be varied project by project or problem type. You can support different types of issues in multiple workflows and set different Jira statuses for each team to track the resolution of a single ticket. As a result, this highly customizable integration can easily scale as your business grows and becomes more complex across different departments.

The time between the discovery of a component vulnerability and its exploitation has been significantly reduced in recent years. As a result, every company, from small and adaptable enterprises to large and complex enterprises, needs to respond quickly to the potential security risks found. By integrating Jira Cloud into Black Duck, any company can quickly adapt to market needs while streamlining the bug tracking process in a way that suits them.

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Sydney Boncoddo


Sydney Boncoddo

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