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[Webinar] The future of application security: Enable DevSecOps with IAST

In our on-demand IAST webinar, you’ll learn more about interactive application security testing and how to determine whether IAST is right for your organization.

Enable DevSecOps with IAST webinar

What is IAST? Interactive application security testing is an emerging technology that is transforming the way organizations secure their web apps at the speed of DevOps. IAST automatically and continuously scans apps during QA testing to detect security vulnerabilities earlier in the SDLC than traditional DAST or pen testing solutions—when it’s easier, faster, and cheaper to fix them. Using a combination of static and dynamic testing techniques, IAST produces highly accurate and actionable results that can be interpreted directly by the developers responsible for fixing the code.

Learn more about IAST

What does IAST offer that other AppSec solutions don’t? How does IAST fit into DevOps? Is IAST right for my organization? If you have questions like these, our on-demand IAST webinar, The Future of Application Security: Enable DevSecOps With IAST, can help you answer them. In this webinar, guest speaker Amy DeMartine, Forrester principal analyst, and our own Ofer Maor, director of solutions management at Synopsys, cover:

  • The promise of IAST from the perspective of an analyst and a technology provider
  • The unique benefits and use cases for IAST
  • The technology’s limitations and which types of organizations stand to gain the most from it

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