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Hear what a former Deputy Assistant AG for National Security said at CodenomiCON 2016


At CodenomiCON 2016, a former U.S. government official talked about changes in cybersecurity perceptions.

In a fireside chat, computer scientist Fred Cohen interviewed Luke Dembosky, Cybersecurity Attorney, Debevoise & Plimpton. Dembosky was the former U.S. Deputy Assistant Attorney General for National Security.

When asked what are some of the biggest differences with cybersecurity today, Dembosky said one would be that people actually care today. “Nobody cared, right, if somebody broke into your computer in 1960, you know, but now everything depends on it. Because we’ve increased the dependency and the inter-dependencies, and everything’s increasingly connected, and people are putting more and more of their lives, if you will, into that information infrastructure … everything depends on it and becomes much more critical. Of course protection has advanced at the same pace as the increase in consequence. So when the consequence goes up and the quality of protection goes down, it becomes more dangerous. That’s the biggest change.”


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