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How to establish a powerful start to your cyber security career

How to establish a powerful start to your cyber security career

I recently began the process of college planning with my daughter. For most parents, selecting a degree with a solid career track is of the utmost importance. With the rising cost of tuition and the changing landscape of our global workforce, choosing the right career path is imperative.

Today more and more young people are choosing to major in STEM fields, yet they are walking away without the skills needed to fill the increasing talent gap.

Filling the cyber security talent gap

Each day we wake up to the news of one company or another facing a security breach. The shortage of cyber security talent affects not only hiring on a corporate level but literally the security of all our lives. We live in a virtually application-filled world, and there are simply not enough skilled professionals to fight the fires.

Not only is it hard to source security talent, but companies are forced to train them internally since they come to the role with software knowledge but little to no security insight. To hire cyber security professionals, corporate leaders are forced to internally train developers seeking to expand their career paths.

Sammy Migues, cyber security thought leader for Synopsys, says, “I regularly communicate with members of the BSIMM studies and other firms that are looking to grow their software security. One of the biggest problems that everyone is facing right now is finding qualified talent.”

The corporate sector must do a better job of teaming up with academia to ensure that educational organizations are doing justice to security within their computer science and informatics departments. This requires our commitment to getting involved in tech talks, security clubs, and hackathons and taking on advisory roles.

According to Migues, “Universities that let you graduate with a computer science degree without knowing how to code, how computers work, and what software security really means is criminal.”

Without secure coding practices at the development level and efficient training at the university level, we will continue to face a talent shortage.

So aside from a million open jobs, why would cyber security be a fit for you?

“The challenge of trying to keep up with the bad guys is a huge reason why security is an interesting field to get into,” says Jona Okoth, senior security consultant at Synopsys. “We are constantly trying to solve new security problems because technology is always changing. And it’s actually fun…and who doesn’t want to have fun and get paid at the same time?”

A cyber security professional is a lifelong learner. If you wonder how things work, then there is no better way to do it than in security!

How is Synopsys different?

Here at Synopsys we have a dedicated global recruiting team that specializes in security consulting hires. Our team attends cutting-edge industry events and networks with the best in the field. We encourage our security staff to become involved with both universities and industry engagements.

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