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Eliminate cyber supply chain security vulnerabilities at the point of introduction

Synopsys' Michael White talks about eliminating cyber supply chain security vulnerabilities at this year's Nordic IT Security conference in Stockholm

Nordic IT Security is the key meeting place for the brave new world of IT security. On November 7, 2017, at the upcoming premier security conference, Synopsys’ Michael White presents an actionable and inspiring talk on how to enhance security measures throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC).

What to expect at the Nordic IT Security conference

Enterprise IT is changing rapidly to keep pace with a highly connected and increasingly hostile environment. Trends such as hybrid IT and DevSecOps mean that critical services, interactions, and data no longer exist only at the data center. Threats and vulnerabilities need to be considered at every step of the software development journey.

Synopsys’ focus is on avoiding these vulnerabilities at the point of introduction. By enabling IT organizations to deliver reliable, secure, and high-quality applications and systems with security built-in—rather than bolted on—vulnerabilities are squashed earlier in the SDLC.

In this presentation, join Michael White, director of solution strategy within Synopsys’ Software Integrity Group as he shares initiatives and methods for directly enhancing cyber risk standards and programs. This presentation will focus on the cyber supply chain, particularly the open source software (OSS) components.

Open source components have been implicated in multiple high-profile security fire drills—starting with Heartbleed, in addition to more recent incidents such as the Equifax (Apache Struts) and BlueBorne.

Is your organization eliminating vulnerabilities as soon as they’re introduced? Or, are your still treating security as a reactionary practice?


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