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An Easier Way To See Vulnerabilities At a Glance

Very often, we scan a site that has hundreds or even thousands of vulnerabilities. Some of our customers are large Fortune100 companies with many web properties, so inevitably there will be some that are the metaphorical equivalent of swiss cheese, while others are absolutely bulletproof. We kept hearing feedback that while our reports were incredibly useful, for websites with a large number of vulnerabilities they could get a bit overwhelming.

An Easier Way To See Vulnerabilities At a Glance | Synopsys

“Overwhelming” is a word we do everything in our power to avoid being described as, so we’ve built a new view for vulnerability analysis that we hope you’ll like and find to be much more concise and easy to read. Don’t worry, it’s not replacing the See & Fix view you’ve grown to know and love; rather, it is a separate view that aggregates many vulnerabilities into a simple and easy-to-parse condensed report. We’re pretty proud of it, and it looks like this:

You can perform nearly all of the same actions as you can with our regular See & Fix view, but you can get an at-a-glance status on how you’ve progressed at fixing the vulnerabilities we’ve found, see immediately what’s left to be done, and notice commonalities among the vulnerabilities that were found. Outside of using our API to grab reports and statistics (which you’re still free to do), this simply wasn’t possible before. We think it will help enable our larger enterprise customers to fix vulnerabilties faster, feel more comfortable with how their state of security is progressing, and know exactly what types of issues they need to work on and look out for more carefully.

Please let us know what you think. We’re always trying to innovate and give you your data in ways you’ve never seen.

We welcome your questions and feedback. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Synopsys Editorial Team

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Synopsys Editorial Team

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