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Duck Talks: 20 billion reasons for IoT security

Bob Martin of MITRE shares how we should be thinking about IoT security as connected and embedded technologies evolve and become part of our daily lives.

Duck Talks: 20 billion reasons for IoT security

If you haven’t figured it out, at Black Duck by Synopsys we are quackers about security (I can’t resist a good duck pun!). In fact, it’s one of our favorite subjects — so much that we are launching this new video series.

Every year at our FLIGHT user conference we have people who can’t attend but see the agenda and ask us to film the talks. While we haven’t been able to do that, we did sit down with several of our speakers to discuss big issues around open source and bring some of that knowledge to you. These “Duck Talk” interviews will be released over the coming weeks and cover a wide variety of topics — we hope you enjoy them! Please share your feedback, and we’ll use it to build our schedule for the next FLIGHT event.

Bob Martin from MITRE is a leading expert on Internet of Things security. His presentation “20 Billion Reasons for IoT Security” was highly rated and covered a range of topics around IoT and IoT security. He sat down with us at FLIGHT to discuss how we should be thinking about IoT, what security concerns might surface as these industries evolve, and how to manage the risks appropriately.

Interested in learning more? Watch our page for our upcoming FLIGHT conferences, or check out our scheduled and on-demand webinars, covering IoT security, application security, DevOps and DevSecOps, cloud, mobile and IoT computing, as well as agile development, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), containers and much more. IoT security continues to lead the news as more and more everyday objects are embedded with computing devices. Addressing security is key when building objects that send and receive data from your home and office environments. 

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