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Digital license plates, GDPR risks and hackers, security bugs in AI robots

Digital license plates, GDPR risks and hackers, security bugs in AI robots

Taylor Armerding, Synopsys Software Integrity Group senior strategist, gives you the scoop on application security and insecurity in this week’s Security Mashup episode.

What’s in this week’s Security Mashup episode, you ask?

California puts a lot on your plate, the law of unintended consequences as it related to GDPR risks, and porous pepper. Watch the entire episode below:

California debuts ‘digital’ license plates. Here’s what they’ll cost you.

via Tony Bizjak, writer, Sacramento Bee—Actually, the state that likes to think of itself as on the cutting edge of everything is offering to let you put a lot on your plate—your license plate, by making it yet one more addition to the Internet of Things, or as an increasing number of experts call it, the Internet of Everything. Learn more about this digital license plate in the video.

GDPR ‘risks making it harder to catch hackers’

via Editorial Team, BBC News—The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation—known as GDPR—is now the law of that land, which means in some ways it’s the law of the world, since anyone who wants to do business in the EU has to comply. As you may have heard, it mandates that people get to decide if their online information gets shared. Learn more about GDPR risks in this video.

SoftBank’s Pepper AI bot is riddled with security bugs

via Roland Moore-Colyer, contributing editor, The Inquirer—That cute—some might say creepy—little humanoid, emotionally intelligent, robot known as Pepper, is supposed to be friendly and helpful. But a team of Swedish researchers are out with a report that it is also very friendly and helpful to hackers. The group, which posted its findings on the Cornell University website, said their detailed security assessment found that it is extremely easy to take over and command. Learn more about the security bugs in the Pepper AI bot in this video.

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