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[Webinar] DevSecOps best practices with Synopsys and GitHub

Webinar: DevSecOps best practices with Synopsys and GitHub
As firms consistently strive to become more agile, cloud and containers can help them build software faster and deliver continuously. At the same time, many firms fear that adding security to DevOps practices can severely slow down processes. With GitHub and Synopsys, firms can automate secure development workflows, shift security left, and avoid software rot.

Whether you’re an open source developer or enterprise software engineer, both GitHub and Synopsys have solutions to add security to DevOps without sacrificing speed and agility.

In our webinar DevSecOps Best Practices With Synopsys and GitHub, experts from Synopsys and GitHub will demonstrate solutions for both open source and enterprise developers.

Join Brian Cross, senior solutions engineer at GitHub, and Dave Meurer, alliances technical manager at Synopsys, for an hour-long live webinar on April 24 at 1 p.m. EDT.

What are the webinar highlights?

  • Examine the 2017 Apache Struts vulnerability
  • Get an overview of Black Duck CoPilot (it’s free!)
  • Learn how to Black Duck your pull requests

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