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Defensics Agent Framework

During past few months, Synopsys R&D has been busy with improving the Defensics instrumentation capabilities. Focus has been given to providing more powerful tools for controlling and monitoring the status of the system under test (SUT). Fuzzing is an effective testing technique but it is sometimes hard to detect an exact testcase or sequence which caused the failure in SUT. For setting up better diagnostic for SUT and enabling improved information flow from test target to Defensics test solution, we have developed the Defensics Agent Instrumentation Framework.

Many customers have highly proprietary and different needs for SUT instrumentation. The Defensics Agent Instrumentation Framework enables customer easily integrates the instrumentation to one’s own SUT to detect more failure conditions, provide more detailed debugging information for software development, and control the SUT during test session for improved control and coverage. Framework enables customers to program and execute new test agents that are able to provide required SUT diagnostic information that is needed for efficient defect fixing.

The Defensics Agent Instrumentation framework will be available Q1/2016 for all customers.

Kati Kittila

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Kati Kittila

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